Monday, January 20, 2014

Using video marketing to get your business ranked high on Google

Neco Turkienicz and David Vogel at WVOX Radio Studios

Neco Turkienicz and David Vogel at WVOX Radio Studios
At Video SEO Pro we are all about visual communication, but last week we did something different.  Marsha Gordon, the President and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester (of which we are proud members) invited us to her weekly program on WVOX Radio, "Westchester Means Business".  She wanted her viewers to know more about Online Video Marketing and how video is helping businesses get found on the 1st page of Google, and we were more than thrilled to help her with that.
We are used to being behind the camera not live on the radio, but Marsha was a wonderful host and made us feel very comfortable. So if you are interested in learning more about our video marketing strategies, how to get your company ranked on the 1st page of Google and a bit about my partner David Vogel and me, click below to hear the interview.

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