Spreading the word on the power of video
David Vogel from Video SEO Pro
We did it again on November 19th. This time it was in Peekskill, at the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber, where we delivered another valuable workshop about the ways business owners can use video to atract more leads and generate more business.
Before the workshop, many of the Hudson Valley business owners were asking themselves why they should use video. After learning how video can get their businesses on the first page of Google, increase their website’s traffic and attract more clients, they came out asking themselves “why am I not using video yet”?
 Spreading the word on the power of video
Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber audience
Online video for businesses is growing, and there has never been a better time to get started. The value of having videos about your business on YouTube increases with time, as more potential clients view it and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Many businesses are not using this incredible tool yet, so early adopters have a real edge here.
We at Video SEO Pro will continue to spread the word, helping small businesses tell their story for the whole world to see and hear from the top of the first page of Google. More workshops coming, so stay tuned!