Truck Parts, Brown Boxes and  Video Marketing

How Video SEO Pro created a sexy online video marketing campaign for Teleparts using the most unlikely materials
 Using Online Video Marketing to grow your business can be very difficult task; It doesn’t matter if you make a good cup of coffee or own an international exporting company. Each business has a different story to tell and every once in a while we come across an online video marketing project that presents us with some unique challenges. Our latest project for a client in New Jersey is a perfect example.
online video marketing for Teleparts Video SEO Pro 004 300x168 Using Online Video Marketing for Your Business
The Teleparts warehouse in New Jersey
Teleparts sells original heavy duty US truck parts to customers all over the world. They contacted us because they needed to increase the visibility of their company through online marketing.  Their website was never optimized for video, keywords…or anything really, and thus didn’t even show up for the most basic search like “heavy duty truck parts”. As much as online video marketing is not a substitute for proper website SEO, it was clear to us that online video marketing would be the quickest, most effective and affordable way to get Teleparts found on the first page of Google.
Ok, so what was the unique challenge? Well, the main feature of a company that sells truck parts is a warehouse full of brown boxes. Not very sexy to say the least.
So how do you create an engaging video out of this clearly dull environment?
First, we needed to make the best use of what we had. We decided to stage the warehouse by rearranging the boxes and crates into nice aisles and removing some of the more impressive parts from their boxes to make the shots more visually interesting.
online video marketing for Teleparts Video SEO Pro 006 198x300 Using Online Video Marketing for Your BusinessNext, we used one of the forklifts as a camera dolly to create interesting moving camera shots. My partner David thought I was crazy being raised 25 feet in the air on the front of a forklift, but for me it was a lot of fun.  It was so worth it because the forklift produced some of the best shots in the video. Of course we couldn’t resist using our GoPro camera to create a very cool time-lapse sequence of their employees loading a cargo container.
Second, we used our storytelling skills to create an engaging story around the fact that Teleparts sells only original heavy duty truck parts. We used the dictionary definition of the word “original” as a starting point:  “The first and genuine form of something, from which others are derived”. Therefore, all the rest are imitations, and everybody knows that genuine equipment is always better than copies.
Third, we used our editing and motion graphics skills to make some movie magic, weaving a compelling narrative that brought everything together, created an engaging informative video and made the visuals look like a million dollars. Considering what we had to work with, we believe we were able to take something mundane and turn it into something quite interesting.
This project proved that it’s always best to think outside the “brown” box!!